Dimensions of Trust

We at Cellxpert know that, no matter how complex and far-reaching your partner ecosystem, trust is fundamental to making it all work.
With these essential building blocks, you’ll be able to create that trust in no time.



Audit Trail

Our system tracks every action, calculation and event so that both you and your partners can clearly understand every step of your payment calculation.

Unlimited Data

Cellxpert provides you with unlimited access to your data history – whether spanning a year or a decade – so that you and your partners can be as informed as possible when making decisions.

Side View Settings

Your admins can make the data access options as extensive or limited as needed to their internal teams and partners. To ensure a smooth workflow for everyone involved.



Our sophisticated compliance tools help you gain control and mitigate risk by monitoring traffic and ensuring that you’re always in line with GDPR, KYC and licensing requirements.


Cellxpert blocks all problematic network sources, including VPNs, tors, cloud providers and any other indicators of malicious traffic.



We’re Here For You

We take pride in our customer service and support, which is based on the idea of earning, and keeping, your trust as our client. Our innovative, energetic teams are happy to answer any question and to brainstorm possible solutions. We’ll dig you out of any hole, while always being straight with you.


How We Build The Trust Needed
For Great Partnerships

“I’ve tried and tested multiple affiliate softwares, but none have been as clean or simple to use as Cellxpert. Their excellent system of support means that there are always people available to walk you through the system, help you understand the steps involved in integration, and answer any questions related to day to day functionality. They go over any issues with you in real time; there’s no ticket login and no need to wait. I truly feel that growing our business will be easier with the Cellxpert system.”

Miles Saacks

Head of Affiliates, Ellmount Group

“Cellxpert enabled us to scale our affiliate incentive methodologies and tailor fit commission models for each Fiverr service and GEO we used”.

Dani Mansoor

Director of Fiverr Affiliate Group

“We’ve been working with Cellxpert for over 5 years and have seen amazing results. Their regulations hub helps us to mitigate risk on a daily basis. Their intuitive interface and detailed reporting help us to optimize and scale globally, as well as build outstanding partnerships.”

Aneira Henery-Morley

Global Head of Marketing Partnerships – ‎IG

Thanks to Cellxpert, we finally have a detailed and insightful overview of our marketing. Now we’re able to make more educated decisions when managing our affiliates and can optimize traffic quickly and efficiently. With Cellxpert, we feel that we have our marketing department under control, and we can effectively steer the ship in whatever direction we choose. Thank you Cellxpert!”

Zohar Ben Ami

Operations Manager, M&M Affiliates GmbH

Cellxpert is an easy to use platform for both brands and partners. The easy API integration has allowed us to partner with a wide range of affiliates, very quickly, something that is super important in our industry. Being able to manage multiple brands in one platform has been amazing and the capping feature has allowed us to take control of what traffic we would like and to manage the quantities we can handle. Last but not least, the account managers are all very supportive and are lovely to work with.”

Yasmin Azee

24/7 Traffic