The Digital Partnership Stack

Cellxpert’s user-friendly platform is designed to foster trust and transparency throughout every step of your partnership lifecycle. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, so that you and your partners – be they affiliates, influencers, publisher ambassadors, or anyone else – can focus on strengthening your relationship, and strategizing for success.

A seamless, personalized onboarding process that makes both sides confident in your journey together is critical for your partnership’s long-term growth. Cellxpert’s onboarding experience sets the right tone with its built-in trust and transparency, so that you and your partners can start tackling your marketing challenges, as a team


Cellxpert will become an integral part of your website. You’ll choose your domain name, the logo on your login form, and customize your email features — helping to create a seamless and engaging experience with your partners, from the very beginning.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Cellxpert uploads and stores all of your affiliates’ documentation, so that you’ll never need to worry about compliance or liability issues. Whether in Hong Kong or New York, we make certain that your affiliates are legit and in full compliance with local regulations, so that you can make the most of your partnerships.

Commercial Terms

Cellxpert allows you to personalize compensation models so that your affiliates – high-earning veterans to newly onboarded partners alike – are incentivized. You’ll have the option to choose from CPL/CPA/CPS, Revshare, or Hybrid commission models, as well as an additional qualification tool, to ensure that you’re only working with affiliates who are valuable to your business.